About John and Lori Lober:

Theirs is a love story. Anyone who meets John and Lori Lober immediately senses the deep connection, respect and chemistry between husband and wife. But the Lober love story is more. Beyond their love for one another, John and Lori “LOVE TO LIVE” and inspire others to do the same.

Perhaps it was their love, or even their shared pledge to live life to the fullest, that carried them through adversity, disease and tragedy.

The couple faced the untimely death of Lori’s brother Lance due to a mis-diagnosis and subsequent mis-treatment of cancer. Shortly after suffering the loss of a brother to cancer, the Lobers learned that Lori had Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer. During her treatment, misfortune struck again. Colby, Lori’s only child, died in a tragic automobile accident.

Despite the unthinkable, Lori and John choose to make every day beautiful. Staunch advocates for optimal health and wellness through nutrition, the Lobers were introduced to an extraordinary line of products they have been using for almost a decade.

Since 2008, the Lobers have become students of the Network Marketing profession. The Lober’s realized that if they embrace the business opportunity and not just the products, they could help change people’s lives in amazing ways. They fell in love with personal development and now THEIR story of perseverance and success will inspire you to dream BIG too!

What began as Lori’s fight for her life and optimal health and wellness, has truly transformed into a joint journey well-traveled and a love for life discovered.

John & Lori Lober